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Broad Spectrum Performances, 5:30pm & 8pm

  • Thunder River Theatre 67 Promenade Carbondale, Colorado, 81623 (map)

Featuring The Vulnerable Cure: excerpts solos and duets performed by Boulder-based contemporary company Wild Heart, Dances Made To Be Viewed in the Dark (excerpt) performed by Denver-based Control Group Productions, and Beautiful Human Lies performed by Grass Roots Project and choreographed by Rennie Harris. The same show will be performed twice, once at 5:30pm and again at 8pm.

TICKETS $20 ADULTS, CHILDREN, FREE at 5:30pm, $10 at 8pm.

About Wild Heart's The Vulnerable CureThe Vulnerable Cure is a new work consisting of three distinct parts that will be shown in various installments over the course of nine months. The first installment subtitled, “Tonight’s Confession”, will premiere at the Spectrum Dance Festival in Carbondale, CO.  “Tonight’s Confession” is a series of duets and solos that lead each dancer and in turn the audience through the winding admission and realization of one’s own veracity.  The secrets of one’s innermost longings of how to be in relation with the world are explored through the relationship of one and one other.  This is the confession of you to another. The Vulnerable Cure was choreographed by Kat Gurley and will be performed by Amanda Liese and Kat Gurley. 

About Control Group Productions' Dances Made To Be Viewed in the Dark: There's a thing that happens in the absence of light – an impermanence and mutability of the nature of things. The world comes through muffled, irregular, available only in the moments that it touches ears and skin. The urgent, nervous quest for categorical clarity dissolves as our awareness unfurls into the rich, delicate sensory terrain of the present moment. This works seeks to expand and explore the space between perception and cognition, thinning out the sensory offerings of each moment in order to pry apart the experience and the interpretation of it. It examines the filters between us and our perceived world, and seeks an experiential awareness driven by a curiosity that transcends the need to comprehend and categorize the world around us. Dances Made To Be Viewed in the Dark was choreographed by Patrick Mueller who will also perform the work. 

About Grass Roots Projects' Beautiful Human Lies: Grass Roots Project is Rennie Harris' third dance company that is specifically connected to the University of Colorado at Boulder and the community it serves. Grass Roots works with the students of CU and the street dancers of the front range to capture and disseminate hip hop dance and culture through its choreographic work and educational programs. Rennie himself has been described as the "The Basquiat of the U.S. contemporary dance scene," according to the London Times (2001) and was considered by the New Yorker as "the most respected and the most brilliant Hip-hop choreographer in America." His work through his original dance company, Rennie Harris Puremovement, has earned him many accolades! Beautiful Human Lies is a suite of works inspired by Rennie's personal abuse that he experienced and witnessed as a child. In addition, it reflects his current state of consciousness and struggle to develop spiritually. 

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